Thursday, January 22, 2015

assignment that I am most proud of

I am most proud of the assignment of landscape/architecture. I am most proud of these photographs because I spent the most time out of all the assignments to try and find the perfect spot and angle for each picture to look the best. I think that showed in at least most of the photos. From this assignment I learned to scope out the area of where you will take pictures, find the spot and then move onto the angle. I did this for the first time during this assignment and I think that it went very well. I think that a lot of my best pictures from this whole class came from this assignment, which is another big reason that I am proud of it.

most memorable experiences

The two most memorable experiences from this semester for me, are the cumberland fair photography, and the levitation assignment. First of all, the cumberland fair was a really good time in general, but for the learning aspect it helped me a lot as well. I really learned how to capture the mood and happiness of people because of all the happy faces at the fair. Also, in such a big place, how to narrow down a photo to a single object, yet still conveying the world around it. Secondly, the levitation assignment was very memorable for me because it was one of the first times that I began to understand photoshop. Previously, I had done what I was told, but during this assignment I started to actually get what I was doing and could kind of freestyle a little bit. I also learned in this task how to make something impossible appear realistic and believable through editing.

darkroom printing from a digital photograph

I thought working in the darkroom was just ok. I think this because there were both positives and negatives for me. First of all, the positives were numerous considering how cool the end product was. The photographs were nice for me, although I think that they could've been better. Some negatives were the waiting around for the photographs to be in the liquids, the tight space, and the confusion aspect. I know that the confusion aspect was my own fault, but I also think others weren't sure about the directions as well. From this assignment, I learned how photos are transformed from digital photographs to photo paper. The end result was pretty cool, so I may do this in the future.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Who am I?

holiday spirit

From hard to soft
Rough moves to smooth
Hard to soft
Dark to light
Heavy to feathery
Transforming to winter
The cold air stings the remaining ground
But soothes the snow falling onto it

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

forced perspective

I think the ideas were my biggest strength. I think the making things bigger or smaller went well for me because they appear either really big or small just like I envisioned. In my crayon picture I think that I did a very good job both making the crayon appear larger, and the eiffel tower smaller. This is the purpose of the project and that is a strength of mine I believe. These are the things that went well and the things that are my strengths.

I think that a difficulty was making the photographs seem realistic. I had good ideas but it was a struggle to make them appear real. For example, I thought that the idea of showing mist coming out of a teapot would be good. It turned out to not look very good. This was because it did not look realistic at all. Another challenge was the highlighting and copying of big objects and moving them to different backgrounds. It worked out well in most of the pictures except for the eiffel tower one. In this picture it came out messy for some reason. These are the struggles.